2 noun

the worst

the person or thing that is worse than all others [↪ the best]
worst (that)
This year's harvest is the worst that people can remember.
Last year was by far the worst (=much worse than any other) for road accidents.
I think the worst is over now.
The worst of it is (=the worst part of the situation is), I can't tell anyone what's happening.
at its/his etc worst
You saw the garden at its worst, I'm afraid (=when it is worse than any other time).

the worst of something

most of something, or the most unpleasant or difficult part of it:
The worst of the storm seemed to be over.

expect/fear the worst

to expect or fear that something will not be successful or something bad will happen:
When it got so late and they still weren't home, I began to fear the worst.

get/have the worst of it

spoken to lose a fight or argument

at (the) worst

if things are as bad as they can be:
Choosing the right software can be time-consuming at best and confusing or frustrating at worst.

do your/his/her/their worst

used to say that someone can try to harm you but they will not be able to:
They can do their worst now, because I'm leaving in three weeks.

if the worst comes to the worst

especially British English, if worst comes to worst especially American English if the situation develops in the worst possible way:
If the worst comes to the worst, we'll sell the car.

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