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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishworthlessworth‧less /ˈwɜːθləs $ ˈwɜːrθ-/ ●○○ adjective  1 VALUEsomething that is worthless has no value, importance, or use opp valuable The house was full of worthless junk. The information was worthless to me.2 BAD PERSONa worthless person has no good qualities or useful skills syn useless His parents had made him feel worthless.worthlessness noun [uncountable] She struggled to overcome her feelings of worthlessness.
Examples from the Corpus
worthlessThe jewellery turned out to be completely worthless.There was a real danger that these bonds would become worthless.Is everything I did for Miss Elizabeth worthless and am I foolish to expect more of her?He thought praying and other religious acts were worthless and hypocritical in the absence of active service to the needy.I wanted to pay for the coffee, but I found that all I had was a couple of worthless coins.a completely worthless exerciseThey're worthless, of course they are, or else why do you think the state government let you have them.I'm afraid this banknote is a forgery; it's just a worthless piece of paper.Was it not buying businesses and influence abroad with worthless pieces of paper?When he died, all my uncle left me was a worthless plot of land.And so it was I lost my worthless virginity.
From Longman Business Dictionaryworthlessworth‧less /ˈwɜːθləsˈwɜːrθ-/ adjective having no value or importanceInflation made the old Argentinian currency virtually worthless.a completely worthless exercise
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