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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishworthwhileworth‧while /ˌwɜːθˈwaɪl◂ $ ˌwɜːrθ-/ ●●○ adjective  USEFULif something is worthwhile, it is important or useful, or you gain something from it He wanted to do a worthwhile job. We decided to give the money to a worthwhile cause (=one that helps people).it is worthwhile to do something I thought it was worthwhile to clarify the matter.it is worthwhile doing something It wasn’t worthwhile continuing with the project.see thesaurus at useful
Examples from the Corpus
worthwhileDidn't I almost want there to be some one - to make the fight worthwhile?Ephesus alone made the trip worthwhile.It was all part of a life that made me feel secure in the belief that at last I had found something worthwhile.Patients who had experienced such treatment reported, on average, that small improvements in survival would make the treatment worthwhile.Programs like this one get kids involved in worthwhile activities.I don't ask, of course, because I wouldn't get any worthwhile answer.More typical is the partial cure where the doctors could say that the treatment was worthwhile but the future uncertain.How can I teach her that the worthwhile enterprise is the enterprise of learning to live with our scars?This says much about the worthwhile underlying values of social work and provides grounds for hope.worthwhile causeCouncil leader Christopher Kingsley said the restoration project will create local jobs and was a worthwhile cause.It's a simple idea which should channel hundreds of millions of pounds into worthwhile causes.Triodos's range of accounts includes six Partnership Accounts that allow savers to channel money into worthwhile causes.If you wish to contribute to this worthwhile cause, please see below for details.
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