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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishworthywor‧thy1 /ˈwɜːði $ ˈwɜːrði/ ●●○ adjective  1 [only before noun]GOOD/MORAL deserving respect from people Leeds United were worthy winners of the competition. a worthy opponent2 be worthy of something3 be worthy of somebody4 I’m/We’re not worthy5 BORINGGOOD/MORAL formal trying to help other people The money will go to a worthy cause. I’m sure his motives were worthy.
Examples from the Corpus
worthyBrodkey's book is worthy bedtime reading.To me, this would seem to be a worthy object of the game.His manual was a contribution to that worthy objective.But his matchwinner ten minutes from time was worthy of any international striker.Other strategies are worthy of note.Roper, who is as sharp with a put-down as he is with a knockdown, has run out of worthy opponents.
worthyworthy2 noun (plural worthies) [countable]  informalIMPORTANT someone who is important and should be respected We were met by a group of local worthies.
Examples from the Corpus
worthyRutledge definitely has a place among other American worthies.He sold it to worthies around the hills.
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