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worthy/deserving of note

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishworthy/deserving of noteworthy/deserving of noteNOTICEimportant or interesting and deserving particular attentionnoteworthy three recent novels that are especially worthy of note note
Examples from the Corpus
worthy/deserving of noteBut the miners' sense of anger at the prolonged destruction of their industry is also worthy of note.This service is superb and worthy of note in your magazine.Other strategies are worthy of note.Secondly, the ancestors of Doctor Who are worthy of note, especially considering the nature of the show.Our request for bagels worthy of note drew more than 500 responses.A number of measures of lesser importance but worthy of note were passed during Pinay Cuevas' ministership.If this loyalty is stretched over a period of 28 years, it is certainly worthy of note!Three Latin American novels are especially worthy of note.Finally, one general feature of the framework of this subsection is worthy of note, in order to facilitate comparisons between models.
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