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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishwouldwould /wʊd/ ●●● S1 W1 modal verb (negative short form wouldn’t)  1 XXpast intentions/expectations used to say what someone intended to do or expected to happen They said they would meet us at 10.30 at the station. She said she wouldn’t be coming to the library anymore. Arnold knew he would be tired the next day. It would soon be dark.2 XXimagined situations a) used when talking about the result of a possible or imagined situation or event, or describing one What would you do if you won a million pounds? I would be amazed if I got the job. It would be lovely to see you. b) used when talking about something that did not happen, or a situation that cannot exist I would have phoned you, but there wasn’t time. Alex would never have found out if you hadn’t told him. What would have happened if I hadn’t been here? Everything would be very different if your father were still alive. c) used to mention an unlikely situation or event that you want to happen I wish they would come and visit us. If only he would listen to me.GRAMMAR: Choosing the right tenseYou usually use would in the main clause, and a past tense in the ‘if’ clause: I would be surprised if he agreed.She would love it if you came. Don’t say: I would be surprised if he would agree.3 PASTpast habits used to say that something happened often or regularly in the past When we worked in the same office, we would often have coffee together. On summer evenings they would sit out in the garden.4 requesting spoken used to ask someone politely to do something Would you shut the window, please? Would you mind waiting outside? Would someone please tell me what is going on?5 offering/inviting spoken used to offer something to someone or invite them somewhere politely Would you like a coffee? We’re going to the theatre this evening. Would you be interested in coming?
6 what somebody wants spoken used to say that someone wants something or wants to do somethingwould like/love/prefer Yes, please, I’d love a coffee. My parents would like to meet you. Claudia would have liked to refuse (=wanted to refuse), but she didn’t dare. I’d hate (=I do not want) to disappoint you.would rather/sooner (=used to say what someone prefers) I’d rather stay in this evening, if that’s all right with you.7 past purpose used after ‘so that’ to show that someone was trying to make something happen or prevent something We packed all the books in wooden boxes so that they wouldn’t get damaged.8 would not9 SUGGESTadvice spoken used when giving or asking for advice I’d try to get there early if you can. I would talk to the doctor if I were you. What would you do if you were in my position?10 I would think/imagine/say11 TYPICALtypical behaviour spoken used to say that an action is typical or expected – usually used to show disapproval You would go and spoil it, wouldn’t you! She insists that she did nothing wrong, but then she would say that, wouldn’t she?12 would that ...
Examples from the Corpus
wouldDad would be really mad if he knew we borrowed his car.Andy said he would give me a ride home.The total cost, I would guess, might be $100 per person.We would often go for long walks in the park.would like/love/preferSuch individuals will then continue to breed, and the numbers will not sink as rapidly as the population controllers would like.And of the two settings, Democrats would prefer him out campaigning.Instead we cultivate and garden our landscapes into idealised versions of the world as we would like it to be.As Wilson announced his withdrawal, he offered a glimpse of how he would like to like to see himself.In due course, when economic circumstances permit, we would like to rebuild it.Beowulf says that he would like to sail for Hrothgar's land and take up the fight against the monster.Two or three specific problem areas can be identified with the parents that they would like to work on first.Because I would like you to join me in wishing every happiness to Annabelle and Steven.I would ... if I were youI would go, if I were you.
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