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would rather

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishwould ratherwould ratherPREFERused to say that you would prefer to do or have something I’d rather have a quiet night in front of the TV. We could eat later if you would rather do that. ‘I think you’d better ask her.’ ‘I’d rather not (=I do not want to).’would rather ... than ... I’d rather die than apologize to Helen. I’d rather you didn’t go out alone (=I do not want you to go). rather
Examples from the Corpus
would ratherI'd rather not talk about it, okay?I would rather die than retreat.We could eat later, if you would rather do that.Some members would abandon the evangelical parts of the platform, while others would rather give up politics.He would rather go down fighting, and try to salvage whatever he could from the wreckage of his dreams.I had the money, and there was nothing I would rather have spent it for than coming to you.But she loves to read and would rather listen to the radio than watch television.I would rather stay home tonight.Most people would rather stay home with their kids.I would rather taste ash on my tongue than blood in my mouth.Beach says her generation, however, would rather visit with friends, play sports and watch television.
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