3 verb
wound3 [transitive]
1SC to injure someone with a knife, gun etc:
Gunmen killed two people and wounded six others in an attack today.
be badly/seriously/critically etc wounded
Five people were killed and many others were seriously wounded in the attack.
be mortally/fatally wounded (=be wounded so badly that you die)
see usage note damage2
2 to make someone feel unhappy or upset:
I was deeply wounded by his comments.
He made some very wounding remarks.

damage, hurt, injure, wound
Damage means to cause physical harm to a thing or to a part of your body Fires can damage crops and animals. He damaged a knee ligament playing rugby.You do not usually talk about damaging a person. Use hurt, injure, or wound instead He was hurt in a climbing accident (NOT He was damaged in a climbing accident). However, you can talk about damaging an unborn child German measles in pregnancy can damage your baby.Use hurt or injure to talk about people suffering physical harm as a result of an accident, earthquake, hurricane etc No one was hurt in the car crash. We hoped he wasn't seriously injured.!! Do not say 'injure someone's health'. Say ' damage someone's health '.Use wound to talk about someone being hurt by a weapon such as a gun or a knife He shot dead three people and wounded several others. a wounded soldierSee also damage

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