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wrestlerwres‧tler /ˈreslə $ -ər/ noun [countable]  DSOFIGHTsomeone who takes part in wrestling
Examples from the Corpus
wrestlerA civil rights campaigner dressed as a wrestler in a cape?Tallboy was confronted by a very tall man of considerable girth who looked like a retired all-in wrestler.But the real enforcers seem to be the fans, for whom the masked wrestlers are a major focus of fantasy.Hall was competing against Yuriy Melnichenko, the same wrestler he defeated in the 1995 World Championships.Earnhardt ignored safeguards that could have slowed his performance, just like some wrestlers.Yet one of the wrestlers is the all too human Jacob.Their fantasy helps when the kids start thinking the wrestlers are heroes and the wrestlers become something like real heroes.Brian Dixon's All-Star Wrestling stages 10 shows a week and has 150 full-time and 220 part-time wrestlers on its books.
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