Language: Old English
Origin: wringan


Related topics: Cleaning
wring past tense and past participle wrung [transitive]
1 [always + adverb/preposition] to succeed in getting something from someone, but only after a lot of effort [= squeeze]
wring something from/out of somebody
They are always trying to wring additional funds from the government.
I managed to wring the information out of him.
2 also wring outDHC to tightly twist a wet cloth or wet clothes in order to remove water

wring your hands

to rub and twist your hands together because you are worried and upset

wring somebody's hand

to shake hands very firmly with someone

wring something's neck

TA to kill a small animal by twisting its neck

I'll wring somebody's neck

spoken used when you are very angry with someone:
I'll wring her neck when I get hold of her!

wringing wet

extremely wet:
This jacket's wringing wet!

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