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wristbandwrist‧band /ˈrɪstbænd/ noun [countable]  1 DCCDSa band that some tennis players wear around their wrists2 DCa band with your name on it that you wear around your wrist, for example in a hospital
Examples from the Corpus
wristbandThe clerk gave me a key on an elastic wristband, a towel, and buzzed me in.Also at an outlet, you may draw -- at random -- for wristbands or numbered cards to determine priority ticket sales.He wore a black shirt, black vest, black leather wristbands and was spectacularly athletic.The stunning luminous display and thickly padded, genuine leather wristband are the height of fashion in any setting.To this day, he said he tapes two quarters under his left wristband to remind him to play hard.Pure terror-driven reflex brought the mini-blazers in my wristbands into action.I flexed my arms slightly, trying to stop my hands from trembling, readying the mini-blazer s in my wristbands.Wear a plastic wristband printed with your last name and social-security number.
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