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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishwritingwrit‧ing /ˈraɪtɪŋ/ ●●● S2 W3 noun  1 WRITE[uncountable] words that have been written or printed What does the writing on the back say? a T-shirt with Japanese writing on it2 WORK THAT somebody DOES[uncountable] books, poems, articles etc, especially those by a particular writer or about a particular subject Some of his most powerful writing is based on his childhood experiences.travel/feminist/scientific etc writing3 WRITE[uncountable] the activity of writing books, stories etc In 1991 she retired from politics and took up writing as a career. a short story that stands out as a brilliant piece of writing a class in creative writing (=a subject studied at school or college, where you write your own stories, poems etc)4 [uncountable] the particular way that someone writes with a pen or pencil syn handwriting Your writing is very neat.5 [uncountable] the skill of writing At this age we concentrate on the children’s reading and writing skills.
6 in writing7 writings8 the writing is on the wallCOLLOCATIONSMeanings 2&3ADJECTIVES/NOUN + writing creative writing (=the writing of fiction)He is currently teaching creative writing at the University of Michigan.travel writingHere is some of the best travel writing from around the globe.historical/sociological/scientific etc writingMuch historical writing today looks at the lives of ordinary people, as well as at the rich and powerful.academic writingIn academic writing, you should avoid contractions such as "don't" or "aren't".feminist writingFeminist writing has strongly criticized pornography as treating women as objects rather than people.NOUN + writingwriting materials (=pens, pencils, paper etc)Pupils were able to try old writing materials such as slates and steel-nibbed pens.writing skillsa workshop to develop children's writing skillswriting styleDifferent newspapers tend to use different writing styles.phrasesa piece of writingIt's a brilliant piece of writing.
Examples from the Corpus
writingIn Nizan's theory of the revolutionary novel it is elevated to the status of necessary pre-condition of authentic writing practices.Sherman produced his best writing back in the 1960s.Nor is this only a question of a difference between writing and speech, as might at first appear.The manual includes sample lesson plans, as well as guidelines on preparing and evaluating writing workshops.He felt it would leave him little time for his writing for one thing.But it was not only writers with established political identities who were wary about how writing might be perceived.All bids must be submitted in writing to the above address.Below each picture was a short piece of writing in Arabic script.Produce a sustained piece of writing when the task demands it. ii Produce well-structured pieces of writing.There's some writing on the back of this photo, but I can't make out what it says.The writing on the label is too small for me to read.piece of writingBut purely as a piece of writing, her memoir noir is an ingenue performance.The room is quiet, as every child sits hunched over a piece of writing.A piece of writing where something happens?It won't be deathless prose, but it should be a grammatical and effective piece of writing.I wished I could rush to the phone and alert every editor to this marvelous piece of writing.It was a nice piece of writing, full of the right words and positions.Produce a sustained piece of writing when the task demands it. ii Produce well-structured pieces of writing.Exactly what was the input to the piece of writing and is it a first or fourth draft?reading and writingWhok Ianguage means that students learn to read and write by reading and writing, not performing endless drill exercises.Long-sighted children are often reluctant to do much reading and writing and may also suffer from headaches.These four ways of understanding Scripture permeated medieval habits of reading and writing.Past the strategies, how can the joys of reading and writing be even hinted at in the Basics Skills For ever classroom?We learned the skills but not the strategies of reading and writing.Because of educational difficulties, many deaf people, though intelligent, have poor reading and writing skills.Books can be dangerous because the reading and writing of them involves us in an exercise of intellectual freedom.Children develop their language skills with reading and writing.
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