writ‧ing S2 W3 [uncountable]
1 words that have been written or printed:
What does the writing on the back say?
a T-shirt with Japanese writing on it
2 books, poems, articles etc, especially those by a particular writer or about a particular subject:
Some of his most powerful writing is based on his childhood experiences.
3 the activity of writing books, stories etc:
In 1991 she retired from politics and took up writing as a career.
a short story that stands out as a brilliant piece of writing
a class in creative writing (=a subject studied at school or college, where you write your own stories, poems etc)
4 the particular way that someone writes with a pen or pencil [= handwriting]:
Your writing is very neat.
5 the skill of writing:
At this age we concentrate on the children's reading and writing skills.

in writing

if you get something in writing, it is official proof of an agreement, promise etc:
Could you put that in writing, please?


[plural] the books, stories etc that an important writer has written:
Darwin's scientific writings

the writing is on the wall

also see/read the writing on the wall used to say that it seems very likely that something will not exist much longer or someone will fail
the writing is on the wall for
The writing is on the wall for old manufacturing industries.

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