Date: 1100-1200
Language: Old Norse
Origin: rangr 'not correct or as planned'


1 adjective
wrong1 S1 W1

not correct

not correct, and not based on true facts [≠ right]:
Your calculations must be wrong.
I think I got question 3 wrong.
it is wrong to do something
It is wrong to assume that technological advance brings a higher quality of life.
I wish you'd stop trying to prove me wrong (=show that I am wrong) all the time.

be wrong (about somebody/something)

to not be right in what you think or believe about someone or something [= mistaken; ≠ right]:
No, you're wrong. Brett wouldn't do a thing like that.
I was wrong about the new guy - he's not Belgian, he's French.
That's where you're wrong! We never slept together.


used to describe a situation where there are problems, or when someone is ill or unhappy
there is something wrong/something is wrong
When he didn't come back that night, I knew that something was wrong.
wrong with
What is wrong with our society? People just don't seem to care any more.
Is anything wrong? You haven't said more than two words since you got here.
Don't worry, there's nothing wrong.

not the right one

not the one that you intended or the one that you really want [≠ right]:
The letter was delivered to the wrong address.
driving on the wrong side of the road
You've got the wrong man. I didn't kill her.
I think we went the wrong way at that last turning.
There's no-one called Julia here. You must have the wrong number (=wrong telephone number).

not morally right

not morally right or acceptable [≠ right]
it is wrong that
It's wrong that people should have to sleep on the streets.
it is wrong to do something
We all accept that it is wrong to torture people.
wrong with
There's nothing wrong with making a profit, provided you don't cheat anyone.

not suitable

not suitable for a particular purpose, situation, or person [≠ right]:
It's the wrong time of year to be planning a holiday.
wrong for
Anna and I were wrong for each other in dozens of ways (=not suited for a romantic relationship with each other).

not working

if something is wrong with a vehicle or machine, it stops working properly
wrong with

➔ go wrong

at wrong2 (2)

be the wrong way round/around

a) to be in the wrong order:
These two paragraphs are the wrong way round.
b) if something is the wrong way round, the back is where the front should be:
You've got your T-shirt on the wrong way around.

the wrong way up

if something is the wrong way up, the top is where the bottom should be [= upside down]:
The painting was hung the wrong way up.

take something the wrong way

to be offended by a remark because you have understood it wrongly:
I like you. Don't take this the wrong way, now. I mean as a friend.

be in the wrong place at the wrong time

spoken to get involved in trouble without intending to

get on the wrong side of somebody

to do something that gives someone a bad opinion of you, so that they do not like or respect you in the future:
I wouldn't like to get on the wrong side of her.

get on the wrong side of the law

to get into trouble with the police

get off on the wrong foot

to start a job, relationship etc badly by making a mistake that annoys people

get the wrong end of the stick

British English informal to understand a situation in completely the wrong way:
Geoff had got the wrong end of the stick, and thought I was angry with him.

be on the wrong track/tack

to have the wrong idea about a situation so that you are unlikely to get the result you want

be from the wrong side of the tracks

American English to be from a poor part of a town or a poor part of society

be the wrong side of thirty/forty etc

informal to be older than 30 etc

➔ get out of bed on the wrong side

at bed1 (8)

correct me if I'm wrong

used as a polite way of saying that you think what you are going to say is correct:
Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't you say you were going to do it?

you're not wrong

spoken used to agree with someone:
'This government is ruining the country!' 'You're not wrong there!'

fall/get into the wrong hands

if something secret or dangerous falls into the wrong hands, it is discovered by someone who may use it to harm people

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