2 adverb
wrong2 S2
1 not in the correct way [≠ right]:
You've spelt my name wrong.
What? Have I done it wrong?
I asked him to sort those files, but he's done it all wrong (=in completely the wrong way).

go wrong

a) to stop working properly:
b) to make a mistake during a process so that you do not get the right result:
Follow these instructions and you can't go wrong (=you are sure to succeed).
c) to do something that makes a plan, relationship etc fail:
Thinking back on the marriage, I just don't know where we went wrong.

get something wrong

to make a mistake in the way you write, judge, or understand something:
This isn't it. We must have got the address wrong.
get/have it all wrong (=understand a situation in completely the wrong way)
No, no - you've got it all wrong! We're just friends!

don't get me wrong

spoken used when you think someone may understand your remarks wrongly, or be offended by them:
Don't get me wrong - I like Jenny.

you can't go wrong (with something)

spoken used to say that a particular object will always be suitable, satisfactory, or work well:
You can't go wrong with a little black dress, can you?

➔ come out wrong

at come out

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