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wrongdoingwrong‧do‧ing /ˈrɒŋˌduːɪŋ $ ˌrɒːŋˈduːɪŋ/ noun [countable, uncountable]  formalSCBAD BEHAVIOUR OR ACTIONS illegal or immoral behaviourwrongdoer noun
Examples from the Corpus
wrongdoingNeither firm admitted wrongdoing in settling the case.The company agreed to a $ 6. 8 million settlement three months after the suit was filed, without admitting wrongdoing.Mr Dorfman and the promoter, Donald Kessler, have repeatedly denied any wrongdoing.But Mr Pasqua has repeatedly denied wrongdoing, and says he has never met Mr Falcone.The authority said the suspension did not imply wrongdoing.Later he indiscreetly divulged those details at dinner with Ferdinand Berthoud, though he swore he intended no wrongdoing.The investigators found no evidence of wrongdoing and the company's managers were cleared of all charges.An investigation cleared Sharif and his relatives of wrongdoing.There is no evidence yet of any serious wrongdoing on her part.
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