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wrongful arrest/conviction/imprisonment/dismissal etc

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishwrongful arrest/conviction/imprisonment/dismissal etcwrongful arrest/conviction/imprisonment/dismissal etca wrongful arrest etc is unfair or illegal because the person affected by it has done nothing wrong She’s threatening to sue her employers for wrongful dismissal. wrongful
Examples from the Corpus
wrongful arrest/conviction/imprisonment/dismissal etcHe issued a writ claiming damages for wrongful dismissal.Now he is being tried for kidnapping, wrongful imprisonment and bodily injury.One point to clear up immediately is the widespread confusion between wrongful dismissal and unfair dismissal.What do you stand to gain in a wrongful dismissal case?Every wrongful imprisonment could lead to a civil lawsuit against the city.So the trial led to the wrongful conviction of Al-Megrahi and the final betrayal of the bereaved families.All claims by the employee, whether they be for unfair dismissal, wrongful dismissal or redundancy are claims against the vendor.The city is facing many claims for wrongful arrest, totalling millions of dollars.
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