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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishwronglywrong‧ly /ˈrɒŋli $ ˈrɒːŋ-/ ●●○ adverb  1 WRONG/INCORRECTnot correctly or in a way that is not based on facts opp rightly Matthew was wrongly diagnosed as having a brain tumour. His name had been wrongly spelt.2 UNFAIRin a way that is unfair or immoral opp rightly Human rights organizations maintain that the men have been wrongly convicted. rightly or wrongly at rightly
Examples from the Corpus
wronglyThey feel guilty - quite wrongly.Perrin had wrongly assumed that he would not get caught.His lawyer says he was entrapped by overzealous prosecutors who wrongly characterized campaign contributions as bribes.Matthew was wrongly diagnosed as having a brain tumor.But, rightly or wrongly, Eden's tenure in Downing Street is remembered as a single-issue premiership.In any event, the Richmond City Council has supported its determination that minorities have been wrongly excluded from local construction contracting.Rightly or wrongly, it is the latter whom they regarded as the enemy during the war of 1982.Sometimes our pictures are so inaccurate that we see a person wrongly or miss him altogether.One imagines, probably quite wrongly, that the moon must be like the wilder areas of Sutherland.If you accidentally reformat characters wrongly, undo the reformatting straight away.
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