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Y, the

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary EnglishY, thethe YY, the /waɪ/ American English infml  the YMCA or YWCA She was staying in a room at the Y.
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YY, y /waɪ/ (plural Y’s, y’s) noun  SLA[countable, uncountable] the 25th letter of the English alphabet Y chromosome, Y-fronts
-y-y1 /i/ suffix [in adjectives]  1 XXfull of something or covered with something sugary desserts (=full of sugar) dirty hands (=covered with dirt) a hairy chest (=covered with hair)2 XXhaving a quality or feeling, or tending to do something a messy room curly hair (=hair that curls) feeling sleepy3 XXlike or typical of something a cold wintry day (=typical of winter) his long, horsy face (=he looks like a horse)4 XXfond of or interested in something a horsy woman (=who likes riding horses)-ily suffix [in adverbs]-iness suffix [in nouns]
Examples from the Corpus
-ya sleepy babyexcessive flattery
-y-y2 suffix [in nouns]  1 (also -ie)XX used to make a word or name less formal, and often to show that you care about them – used especially when talking to children Where’s little Johnny? my daddy (=my father) What a nice doggy (=dog)!2 XXused to make nouns from some verbs to show an action the expiry date (=the date when something expires) an inquiry (=the act of inquiring about something)
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