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yamyam /jæm/ noun [countable]  1 HBPa tropical climbing plant grown for its root, which is eaten as a vegetable2 American EnglishDF a type of sweet potato
Examples from the Corpus
yamOther than the high yam content, what else is different?This liquid was made by chopping up the roots of an inedible yam which looked like stringy, tough beetroot.It would probably be more fun than listening to some self-deceiving gilgul spin her miserable yam.Tillman admitted, going to wash his hands with a lump of soap resembling processed yam.They controlled this cottage industry by buying, selling, transporting and exchanging raw wool, spun yam and woven cloth.He walks down the Stroud Green Road, past the halal shops and the yam shops.Make the oven baking even more efficient by roasting the yams as well.The yam pieces were then simmered in water with the sailcloth for ten or twelve hours.
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