Sense: 1
Origin: Old English geard, gierd 'stick'
Sense: 2-4
Origin: Old English geard 'enclosed area'


yard S2 W2 [countable]


written abbreviation ydTM a unit for measuring length, equal to three feet or .91 metres:
a hundred yards away
an area of 9000 square yards

enclosed area

TB an enclosed area next to a building or group of buildings, used for a special purpose, activity, or business:
a builder's yard
a timber yard
prison/school yard (=an area outside a prison or school where prisoners or students do activities outdoors)


American EnglishDLG the area around a house, usually covered with grass [= garden British English]
front/back yard
The kids were playing in the back yard.

back of house

British EnglishDH an enclosed area without grass at the back of a small house backyard

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