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ldoce_357_ayarnyarn /jɑːn $ jɑːrn/ ●○○ noun  1 [uncountable]TI thick thread made of cotton or wool, which is used to knit things2 ldoce_357.png [countable] informalALSTORY a story of adventures, travels etc, usually made more exciting and interesting by adding things that never really happened The old captain would often spin (=tell) us a yarn about life aboard ship.see thesaurus at story
Examples from the Corpus
yarnAll the above yarns will be available from your local Spectrum stockist together with a full range of supporting pattern leaflets and books.In fact, any difficult yarns of this type are easier to weave if the weaving yarn is waxed.For those afflicted with the notion that national politics is on the level and two-dimensional, the following yarn is logical.Sew this with matching cotton, or the main yarn.There are hundreds of black button eyes and a thick nest of yarn for the hair.Finally, don't ignore the possibilities of basic four-ply yarns.Take yarn under the needle in E position nearest to the knitting.You will need to adjust the tension dial to accommodate the rather thicker yarn you are using. 3.spin ... yarnEvergreen are spinning two yarns at the moment:.He could spin a yarn, and you had to take what he said with a pinch of salt.Corso is no dope, and he spins a fascinating yarn.The extra strength of synthetic fibre allows Evergreen to spin finer yarns with efficiency.She liked to spin yarn, sing, and dance.It may be a contradiction in textile terms but these weavers spin a good yarn.Our women spun fine yarns in their own cottages, and supplemented the earnings of their husbands...
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