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yawning gap/gulf/chasm (between something)

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishyawning gap/gulf/chasm (between something)yawning gap/gulf/chasm (between something)a very large difference between two groups, things, or people the yawning gap between the two parties the yawning gulf between the rich and the poor yawn
Examples from the Corpus
yawning gap/gulf/chasm (between something)In publishing the Hepplewhite Guide the Taylors were filling a yawning gap.There was nothing there but a terrible, yawning gap.There is and always has been a yawning gap at the budget end of the amplifier market.The yawning gap between the two was deeply worrying.To a yawning gap in how I see the world and how the world sees me.Passion 57% A yawning chasm opens up after these four attributes.There are yawning gulfs stretching down into the abyss which have often swallowed up cities that have fallen into them.A yawning gap was forecast between anticipated social expenditures and resources.
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