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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishyear-roundˈyear-round adjective [usually before noun]  happening or continuing through the whole year a year-round supply of fresh fruit
Examples from the Corpus
year-roundIt discourages players from staying here on a year-round basis.Public relations for any of these operations is normally a year-round effort.Indoor pools exist, and Moscow boasts a year-round, heated open-air affair between the Kremlin and the Defence Ministry.He thinks they would cost too much in capital outlay and year-round maintenance.And a couple of times a year, they would slaughter the hogs or heifers that provided year-round protein.Two year-round residences near the lodge were damaged.Several high schools have switched to year-round schedules.The few year-round species of high-arctic birds and mammals make good use of feathers, fur and subcutaneous insulation.
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