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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishyearlyyear‧ly /ˈjɪəli, ˈjɜː- $ ˈjɪrli/ ●○○ adjective  REGULARhappening or appearing every year or once a yearannual Salary levels are reviewed on a yearly basis. a total yearly income of $78,000 The magazine is issued twice yearly (=two times a year).three-yearly/five-yearly etc (=every three years etc) a checkup at five-yearly intervalsyearly adverb We pay the fee yearly.
Examples from the Corpus
yearlyInvestments are reviewed yearly.Standardized testing for all students on a yearly basis, with test scores to be reported in the media.That amounts to a total yearly income of £3,179.80.This concession cost the order ten percent of its yearly income.In Hampshire, schools were asked to select one of four yearly phases for the introduction of the scheme.How efficient the place was - a model clearing house for death, turning out its yearly quota of corpses.Subscribers receive yearly updates on our new services.
From Longman Business Dictionaryyearlyyear‧ly /ˈjɪəli, ˈjɜː-ˈjɪrli/ adjective happening or appearing every year or once a yeara yearly pay awardthe yearly advertising budgetThe computer company reported its best yearly earnings since 2003.yearly adverbWe pay the fee yearly.
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