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Yellow Pages

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary EnglishYellow PagesˌYellow ˈPages (also yellow pages American English) noun trademark   (the) Yellow Pages
Examples from the Corpus
Yellow PagesThe telco also confirms that 25 per cent of its Yellow Pages business will float by the end of the year.Sdme provide twenty-dollars-off coupons in the Yellow Pages.Brokers are listed in the Yellow Pages and also advertise in newspapers.You will find them listed in the Yellow Pages.Look for names in the Yellow Pages or the Hollis Annual.He needed blocks to finish some hat bodies and scoured the Yellow Pages for resources.We usually start by looking through the Yellow Pages and ringing up companies to ask if they will give donations and prizes.Forget about your fingers doing the walking through the Yellow Pages.
From Longman Business DictionaryYellow PagesˌYellow ˈPages noun trademark a book that contains the telephone numbers of businesses and organizations in an area, arranged according to the type of business they do compare White Pages
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