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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishyellowishyel‧low‧ish /ˈjeləʊɪʃ $ -loʊ-/ adjective  slightly yellow yellowish teeth
Examples from the Corpus
yellowishIt is of type F5, and theoretically should be yellowish, but to me it always looks pure white.I realized that Minna was wearing an elegant new yellowish fur coat.The falls of the flowers are a delicate yellowish green veined with slate blue.The white or yellowish inflorescence consists of two to five spikes.Upperparts spangled with grey or yellowish or black; no white on nape; underparts in breeding plumage largely black.Jack saw the cat first, yellowish orange and brown and curled up on some hay, and quiet.The fish is dark green on top, with yellowish sides.He scanned the horizon and saw on the edge of the sky the familiar yellowish stain.The bartender left a glass of cloudy, yellowish water in front of him and stood back.
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