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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishyesyes1 /jes/ ●●● S1 W1 adverb spoken  1 YESanswer to question/statement a) used as an answer to say that something is true or that you agree opp no ‘Is that real gold?’ ‘Yes.’ ‘It was a great show.’ ‘Yes, it was.’ b) used as an answer to a question or statement containing a negative, to say that the opposite is true ‘Sarah isn’t very intelligent, is she?’ ‘Yes, she is (=in fact, she is intelligent)!’ ‘There isn’t any cereal left.’ ‘Yes, there is – it’s in the cupboard.’2 answer to offer/invitation used as an answer to say that you want something or want to do something opp no ‘Would you like a sandwich?’ ‘Yes, please.’ ‘Would you like to come with us?’ ‘Yes, I’d love to.’3 YESanswer to request used as an answer to say that you will do something, or that someone may do or have something opp no ‘Can I have a glass of water?’ ‘Yes, of course.’ He proposed to me and I said yes.4 yes, but ...5 ready to listen/talkANSWER/REPLY used to show that you have heard someone or are ready to speak to someone ‘Mike?’ ‘Yes?’ Yes sir, how can I help you?6 listening used to show that you are listening to someone and want them to continue ‘And so I tried phoning him ...’ ‘Yes ...’
7 excited/happy used to show that you are very excited or happy about something Yes! Rivaldo’s scored again!8 oh yes9 emphasis used to emphasize that you mean what you have just said, even though it is surprising It took ten years – yes, ten whole years – to complete. Yes, you heard me correctly – I said 1921.10 yes, yes11 yes and no yeah
Examples from the Corpus
yesHe asked me to marry him and I said yes.If your definition is elastic enough, then the answer is yes.Of the 20 lawmakers who received the most money from the credit card industry, 19 voted yes.The answer appears to be a resounding yes.Yes, sir, how can I help you?His propensity for saying yes when no would have been more appropriate kept getting the partnership into trouble.said yesAfter a while I asked her whether she was all right and she said yes.And you, being you and so sweet, said yes.He asked me to marry him and I said yes.In a concurring opinion, Judge Newman said yes.No less than half of them said yes.Thrilled and flattered, I said yes.Teary voiced, Alistair said yes and thanked her.But the City Council once more said yes, and the building was enlarged.
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yesyes2 noun (plural yeses or yesses) [countable]  PPVa vote, voter, or reply that agrees with an idea, plan, law etc opp no According to the latest opinion poll, the noes have 60%, and the yeses have 40%.yes adjective a yes vote
Examples from the Corpus
yesThere were a total of five yeses and three noes.
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