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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishyesteryearyes‧ter‧year /ˈjestəjɪə, -jɜː $ ˈjestərjɪr/ noun   of yesteryear
Examples from the Corpus
yesteryearForget the promotional toasters and blenders of yesteryear.Joiners of yesteryear had their names stamped on their wooden planes and saw handles.Today the parliaments of the Arab states seem to take themselves for the caliphal palaces of yesteryear.We are often told that the politicians of yesteryear were greater figures than the politicians of today.The records of yesteryear and some older memories suggest Colin Booth was also a quite exceptional golfer.Operating rooms come equipped with lasers and computers, not just the scalpels and saws of yesteryear.Snow from the mountains were used to make the sherbets of yesteryear, but nowadays we have freezers.
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