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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishyetyet1 /jet/ ●●● S1 W1 adverb  1 UNTIL a) used in negative statements and questions to talk about whether something that was expected has happened I haven’t asked him yet (=but I will). Has Edmund arrived yet? ‘Have you finished your homework?’ ‘Not yet.’ b) used in negative statements and questions to talk about whether a situation has started to exist ‘How are you going to get there?’ ‘I don’t know yet.’ Women didn’t yet have the vote (=at that time). ‘Is supper ready?’ ‘No, not yet.’GrammarWord orderIn spoken English, yet usually comes at the end of the sentence: They haven’t finished the job yet.Yet can also come after ‘do not’, ‘have not’, ‘is not’ etc: They haven’t yet finished the job.Yet can also come before ‘why’, ‘whether’ etc: They haven’t decided yet whether to take part.Choosing the right tenseIn British English, yet is used with perfect tenses when referring to a past event: Has Joe come back yet?In American English, the simple past can also be used: Did Joe come back yet?USAGE: Yet, still, alreadyYet is used to say that something has not happened or a situation has not started to exist: It isn’t time to go yet.Yet is also used to ask if something has happened: Have you seen him yet?Still is used to say that an earlier situation has not changed: This system is still used today.I still don’t understand. Don’t say: This system is yet used today.Already is used to emphasize that something has happened or a situation has started to exist: He has already published two novels.They already knew one another.Already is also used in questions to show surprise that something has happened sooner than expected: Has it all gone already?
2 used in negative sentences to say that someone should not or need not do something now, although they may have to do it later You can’t give up yet! Don’t go yet. I like talking to you.3 used to emphasize that something is even more than it was before or is in addition to what existed before syn stillyet more/bigger/higher etc He got a call from the factory, telling of yet more problems. Inflation had risen to a yet higher level. yet another reason to be cautious The meeting has been cancelled yet again (=one more time after many others).4 the biggest/worst etc (something) yet5 as (of) yet6 months/weeks/ages yet7 could/may/might yet do something8 somebody/something has yet to do something
Examples from the Corpus
yet"Have you finished your homework?" "Not yet."Did Steve call you yet?Has the new washing machine arrived yet?Have they said anything about the money yet?The potatoes aren't quite ready yet.Out into the sun yet again, into the noise, the crowd.Denvir said neither the defense team nor the defense strategy had not yet been determined.I haven't been to the new exhibit yet, but I hope to this weekend.In this case, it was of yet more actors.Not yetUnfortunately not; or not yet.We exist, but we have not yet achieved the form that is our destiny.It was her father, not yet alive.Although this valley is only four hours away from London, it has not yet been discovered by tourists and artists.PointCast, while a good idea, is not yet developed enough to be essential.We do not yet know if these deductions are correct since they are as yet untested.But all is not yet lost, fellow fans of the blue and goofy.Make sure the brushes go back the right way up - match them with the side you have not yet removed.yet more/bigger/higher etcIn this case, it was of yet more actors.In business and government there are countless committees and consultations and yet more conferences.The answers were more selective recruitment and yet more discipline.We have given the industry yet more encouragement in the Budget, by halving the special tax paid on new cars.Police experts were sifting a stash of spare parts this week searching for the identities of yet more machines.But then the door bursts open and yet more soldiers push into the room.Each empty room made the next door yet more threatening.Every time we went to see him he seemed to have yet more wires and tubes attached to his little body.
yetyet2 ●●● W2 conjunction  BUTused to introduce a fact, situation, or quality that is surprising after what you have just said Kelly was a convicted criminal, yet many people admired him. She does not speak our language and yet she seems to understand what we say. a story that is strange yet true an inexpensive yet effective solution to our problem
Examples from the Corpus
yetSome battered women live in fear of their husbands, and yet are terrified to leave.They charge incredibly high prices, yet customers keep coming back for more.The sun was shining, yet it was quite cold.Last summer there was a drought, yet some people were still watering their lawns every day.and yetAnd yet, almost without exception, they obey the convention that clear blue skies are good and precipitation is not.Hari knew it was mostly done to help Craig and yet Edward Morris seemed to like her work a great deal.And yet, in the present instance the analogies are truly striking.The book is full of the Bible, and yet is an essay in Church order.And yet most remarkable of all is his coolness in the face of massive inexperience.And yet, the community entered the 1950s in a mood of almost giddy optimism.And yet this is just what we must do.And yet, this plagiarist had gotten all the credit, and the money.