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yewyew /juː/ noun [countable, uncountable]  HBPa tree with dark green leaves and red berries, or the wood of this tree
Examples from the Corpus
yewPamela with the silver, steel and yew wood Livewire Trophy.The many scarce varieties of wood, including box, yew, mulberry and walnut, created a great deal of interest.Clipped yew and holly are used to separate the layout, while flower-beds flank the lawn.And so Mister Johnny took them up through the dark yew trees, carrying the goose and holding Nick's hand.Take for instance the example of yew wood.The furniture wasn't new, but had been expensive: a good leather suite and real yew furniture.He could even pick out the dots of furze bushes and stunted yew trees on the steep slopes.The rain was making a curtain all round them but not a drop came through the yew.
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