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yinyin /jɪn/ noun [uncountable]  RPthe female principle in Chinese philosophy which is inactive, dark, and negative, and which combines with yang (=the male principle) to influence everything in the world
Examples from the Corpus
yinIn the future, perhaps all groups will be yin and yang: in perfect harmony.In its yin aspect, it is the soft receptivity of femininity, of true womanhood.According to ancient ideas, the balance of yin and yang forces comprise an organic whole.The balance of yin and yang are present throughout the universe and in the natural balance of all creatures upon our planet.An Oriental circle of yin and yang; no aggressor, no conquest.Like the Confucians, the Taoists reinterpreted for their own use the general notions of yin, yang, and tao.One yin and one yang make the whole, tao.One example was yin and yang.
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