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yobyob /jɒb $ jɑːb/ (also yobbo /ˈjɒbəʊ $ ˈjɑːboʊ/) noun [countable] British English  SSYRUDE/IMPOLITEa rude noisy and sometimes violent young man syn lout drunken yobbos
Examples from the Corpus
yobIn the worst incident, 300 yobs showered police with broken bottles and bricks then looted shops in the centre of Coventry.He's just a yob, right?Our TV screens have been taken over by so-called yob culture.A dozen yobs stood outside the pub.She might be with that red-headed yob.It was all pleasantly noisy without any air of aggression, there were no yobs or self-styled hard men among the customers.Most people, when they hear screaming, either think it is a gang of yobs or quarrelling lovers.Residents complained that yobs had been vandalizing their gardens.Martin, growling savagely at the yobs, daring them to interfere.Was this the yob who had planted the cannabis?
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