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Yorkshire pudding

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Yorkshire puddingYork‧shire pud‧ding /ˌjɔːkʃə ˈpʊdɪŋ $ ˌjɔːrkʃɪr-/ noun [countable, uncountable]  DFFa food made from flour, eggs, and milk, baked and eaten with meat in Britain
Examples from the Corpus
Yorkshire puddingSome people lust after roast beef and Yorkshire pudding, but I don't.What a delicious aroma coming from the kitchen - roast beef and Yorkshire pudding.In this one you got Yorkshire pudding first and Uncle Fred ate his gravy with a knife and no one frowned upon it.Ilsa had done her Yorkshire pudding duty and our party had ended too soon.If Yorkshire Pudding ever catches on over there it won't be any fault of mine.Serve with horseradish cream sauce, Yorkshire pudding and gravy.Prepare the Yorkshire pudding by sifting the flour into a large bowl.In the winter we used to have it hot with Yorkshire pudding.
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