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you/he etc alone

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishyou/he etc aloneyou/he etc aloneONLYused to emphasize that there is only one person who knows, can do something etc Julie alone knew the truth. alone
Examples from the Corpus
you/he etc aloneWhat you tell the fuzz to get them to leave you alone?It may not be necessary to back up your words with actions - he or she may leave you alone after that.Usu-ally the people leave you alone after that.Obviously seriously wounded, he had keyed the set so he and he alone could speak, and it was not coherent.His control in these cases is such that he alone decides whether or not to sample, whether or not to demand remedial action.Furthermore, Ishmael is alive because he alone did not assign specific meanings to events.And he alone guarantees their keeping.Do not place the blame anywhere but on yourself, because you alone have chosen that path.
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