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you know

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishyou knowyou knowa) EMPHASIZEused to emphasize a statement There’s no excuse, you know. b) used to make sure that someone understands what you are saying I felt very upset, you know? c) ATTENTIONused when you want to keep someone’s attention, but cannot think of what to say next Well, you know, we’ve got a job to do here. d) EXPLAINused when you are explaining or describing something and want to give more information That flower in the garden – you know, the purple one – what is it? know
Examples from the Corpus
you knowBob looks exactly like him, you know? Could be his son.We saw Nick, you know, Melissa's husband, downtown.So I, you know, spent some time cleaning up afterward.You know what I was going to do? Go over and see Barbara.
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