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you what?

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishyou what?you what?a) REPEAT British English used to ask someone to repeat something they have just said. It is more polite to say pardon ‘I want to tell you something.’ ‘You what? I can’t hear what you’re saying.’ b) SURPRISEDused to show that you are surprised ‘So I resigned.’ ‘You what?’ what
Examples from the Corpus
you what?"I got the job!" "You what?"And began to tell me what a piece of shit that was.Mrs Blakey kept on asking them what they'd done that day.Nobody asked her what was in the wicker basket she had put under the seat.Obviously, in a free economy city planners can not tell anyone what to build-only what not to build.Perry came off the court and the reporters asked him what the hell happened.The split also will free the other businesses to expand at a quicker pace, giving them what Dun.Does it tell you what you want to know?You must tell me what you want to take.