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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishyoungeryoung‧er /ˈjʌŋɡə $ -ər/ adjective   somebody the Younger
Examples from the Corpus
youngerThere is much about cricket today that disturbs all of riper years and many who are much younger.At school, the younger children go home an hour before the rest.They lack self-confidence and often choose to play with younger children whom they can dominate.She knew the determined stamp of her younger daughter, but there was also a heavier tread.Frequently our younger engineers had leisure activities involving strenuous physical activity.He is the most influential of the younger French photographers.A younger man, or a more aggressive one, might have accepted the need for confrontation.For this reason, campaigners like Rifkin are necessary, and younger scientists especially have a reluctant admiration for him.He says the younger Symington is both a director and an investor in Melones Internacional.Suppleness helps to keep you looking younger too as you will be able to move and walk better in later years.