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youngsteryoung‧ster /ˈjʌŋstə $ -ər/ ●○○ noun [countable]  old-fashionedSSY a child or young person
Examples from the Corpus
youngsterEven as a youngster, she has learned that acting can be a means of survival.I managed to boost the frightened youngster up on to the small piece of board.Nineteen-year-old songster Sebastian made his amazing gaffe as Di visited a centre for homeless youngsters.They have tended to be portrayed as a bunch of ill-organised youngsters often high on drink and drugs.Harris faces a tough opener against fast improving Surrey youngster Tim Garner at noon on the opening day.But not all the youngsters want a career in the arts.Lord Brightman urged there should be specialised reception and support arrangements for vulnerable youngsters arriving alone in Britain.
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