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your/her etc senses

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishyour/her etc sensesyour/her etc sensessomeone’s ability to think clearly and behave sensibly – used in some expressions when you think that someone has lost this abilitycome to your senses (=to start to think clearly and behave sensibly again) One day he’ll come to his senses and see what a fool he’s been. See if you can bring her to her senses (=make someone think clearly and behave sensibly).be out of your senses (=have lost the ability to think clearly and behave sensibly) Are you completely out of your senses? take leave of your senses at leave2(6) sense
Examples from the Corpus
your/her etc sensesUse all your senses to find yourself there.Paige could feel her heart beating like a trapped bird in her chest and her senses reeled.Steel threaded through her muscles, and her senses became as sharp as a cat's.It proved impossible; her senses were heightened to such a degree that she could hear every move he made.But once you start to write, you are moonstruck, out of your senses..His cheek brushed hers with a cathartic effect on her senses.She could only pray that Dana had come to her senses and had left before they arrived at Garry's hide-out.Until she comes to her senses, that is.
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