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your time

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishyour timeyour timeused in certain expressions to refer to the period when you are alivein your time I’ve met some rude women in my time but she’s the worst. He was many things in his time – musician, pilot, cattle-rancher, industrialist, journalist. If I had my time over again (=lived my life again), I’d probably do exactly the same things. time
Examples from the Corpus
in your timeYour grandparents left for Terminus a few months back in my time and since then I have suffered a rather inconvenient paralysis.But, in its time, the simple idea of comparing one treatment with another was little short of revolutionary.I've made mistakes in my time - we all have.They also should have the desire and ability to comfort people in their time of sorrow.Leapor's opinions on marriage are at a very great distance from those of more conventional women poets in her time.It was mostly quiet in the 1960s and 1970s, when they were putting in their time.It took a long time, in some cases, for them to be revived in our time and for our benefit.Mind you, he has faced a few tackles in his time..