yours S1 W3 [possessive form of 'you']
1 used when speaking or writing to one or more people to refer to something that belongs to them or is connected with them:
This is our room, and yours is just across the hall.
A lot of people have money problems, but yours are more serious than most people's.
A cash prize of £10,000 or a new car - the choice is yours.
something of yours
Is Maria a friend of yours?
That bag of yours weighs a ton.
I've read that book of yours.

be yours for the taking/asking

if something desirable is yours for the taking or asking, you can easily obtain it:
If you want the job, it's yours for the asking.

Yours faithfully

British EnglishTCM used to end a formal letter that begins 'Dear Sir' or 'Dear Madam'

Yours truly/Yours

also Yours sincerely British English, Sincerely yours American English used to end a letter that begins with the title and name of the person you are writing to, for example 'Dear Mr. Graves'

Yours truly

informal used humorously to mean 'I' or 'me':
They all went out, leaving yours truly to clear up the mess.

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