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yours truly

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishyours trulyyours trulya) TCMused at the end of a letter, before the signature b) informalXX used humorously to mean yourself So, yours truly was left to clean up. truly
Examples from the Corpus
yours trulyMembers of the judging panel included yours truly.And that puts everyone at risk - not just yours truly.Either way the consequences were terminal for yours truly.Imagine that - passing up the opportunity for a little hanky-panky with yours truly.The irony of the scenario was well appreciated by yours truly.Group comportment had deteriorated by the day, with yours truly bearing the brunt of the collective delinquency.Everyone knew something yours truly didn't.And yours truly is in the drivin' seat.In we filed, yours truly with some hesitation.
yours trulyyours trulyinformal used humorously to mean ‘I’ or ‘me’ They all went out, leaving yours truly to clear up the mess. yours
Examples from the Corpus
yours trulyThere are an awful lot of Luddites out there with computer dyslexia, including Yours Truly.It is very important so I hope you will come. Yours truly, Hilda Passmore.The man of your dreams has come. Yours truly is handsome, ear-nose-throat specialist, well settled in Connecticut.A comparatively leisurely schedule of Yours Truly still entailed travelling to twenty-one cities in thirty-five weeks.Of course it's Yours Truly that's got to dust the whole kit and caboodle!All high tech and computers and whatnot. Yours truly won't be moving to the new premises.
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