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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishyuppieyup‧pie, yuppy /ˈjʌpi/ noun [countable]  RICHa young person with a professional job who seems to be interested only in earning a lot of money and buying expensive things
Examples from the Corpus
yuppieUnlike 30 years ago, there are some rules that neo-hippie, former hippie and yuppie celebrants alike will want to follow.Perrier's coy advertising, aimed at yuppies everywhere, made bottled water fashionable.Corporate yuppie culture is oozing insidiously into the development world and the old order is slowly and inexorably crumbling.There were no yuppies or floppy discs.But it might well appeal to yuppie climbers.
From Longman Business Dictionaryyuppieyup‧pie /ˈjʌpi/ (also yuppy) noun (plural yuppies) [countable] informal a young person in a professional job with a high income, especially one who enjoys spending money and having a fashionable way of life SYN YAPThe area has been converted into smart flats for yuppies.
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