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Saint Laurent, Yves

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary EnglishSaint Laurent, YvesYves Saint LaurentSaint Lau‧rent, Yves /sæn lɒˈrɒŋ $ -ləʊˈrɑːn, iːv/  (1936–2008) a French fashion designer. He was known for being the first couture designer (=someone who designs very expensive clothes in the latest fashions) to produce ready-to-wear clothes on a large scale see also Yves Saint LaurentYves Saint LaurentYves Saint Laur‧ent /ˌiːv sæn lɒˈrɒŋ $ -ləʊˈrɑːn/ trademark  a brand (=type) of fashionable clothing and accessories (accessory ) such as bag, belt, or jewellery etc, designed by Yves Saint Laurent and other designers that work for his company.
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