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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishzanyza‧ny /ˈzeɪni/ adjective (comparative zanier, superlative zaniest)  CRAZYcrazy or unusual in a way that is amusing zany comedian Vic Reeves
Examples from the Corpus
zanyDoes this all sound a bit, uh, zany?Odd, of course, a bit zany, but the odder the book the better it tends to do nowadays.They are furious that some people thought they were just some zany fashion experience, a house group, Seventies revivalists.Parents can change this by really listening to the sometimes zany, idiosyncratic ideas our children have about books.Anyway, one teacher's idea of a brilliantly zany lesson might be another teacher's idea of a classroom nightmare.a zany new TV comedyIt seems hardly a week goes by anymore without yet another report of zany results of affirmative action in action.
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