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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishzealouszeal‧ous /ˈzeləs/ adjective  ENTHUSIASTICsomeone who is zealous does or supports something with great energy a zealous preacher zealous political activistsbe zealous in (doing) something No one was more zealous than Neil in supporting the proposal.zealously adverb
Examples from the Corpus
zealousElsewhere, the arguments may seem more rational but are equally zealous.No zealous advocate of good citizenship would argue that political participation ought to be pursued to the neglect of all other obligations.What I can not accept is the zealous, blind rush to condemn the parents of Jessica Dubroff.Not only did she write boldly about religious questions, she was a zealous evangelist.He was always zealous in good works, always regular at worship and a key member of the church.Without such a safeguard, a small group of ill-informed or zealous officers from either side could start a full-scale nuclear war.Here, the conformity can be zealous or even excessive.Only the most zealous supporters of Thatcherism were in favour of the tax.Some of the officers were more zealous than others in enforcing the disciplinary code.The trees were dusty and muscular; zealous visions of their former selves.
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