2 verb
zip2 past tense and past participle zipped, present participle zipping
1 [transitive] to fasten something using a zip:
'I'll see you tomorrow,' said John, zipping his jacket.
zip something shut/open
Olsen zipped the bag shut.
He zipped open the case (=unfastened it).
zip something together
The two sleeping bags can be zipped together to make a double.
2 [intransitive always + adverb/preposition] informal to go somewhere or do something very quickly [= whizz, zoom]
zip through/past/along etc
We zipped through customs in no time.

zip it/zip your lip

American English spoken informal used to tell someone not to say anything about something, or to tell them to be quiet:
You'd better zip your lip or you'll be in trouble!

zip up

phrasal verb
to fasten something using a zip, or to become fastened using a zip [≠ unzip]
zip something ↔ up
He was zipping up a small brown suitcase.
The dress zipped up at the front.
zip somebody up
Could you zip me up (=fasten my dress) please? I can't reach.

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