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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishzodiaczo‧di‧ac /ˈzəʊdiæk $ ˈzoʊ-/ noun   the zodiac horoscope
Examples from the Corpus
zodiacFirstly, look at a few maps of zodiacs already published to get a feeling for them.Since Maltwood's discoveries were publicized, other zodiacs have been claimed.His fees were petty and he didn't bleed his patients with leeches or use strange zodiac charts and stupid incantations.He showed me the zodiac panelling, and Lucia's secret hiding-place.She found that local legends and place names corresponded accurately with the particular sector of the zodiac where they were found.The goldfish is the rarely used thirteenth sign of the zodiac.These are the characteristics of the International Stock Exchange's own Taurus programme rather than one of the signs of the zodiac.The zodiac sign would give him a long life and happiness.
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