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zombiezom‧bie /ˈzɒmbi $ ˈzɑːm-/ noun [countable]  1 informalSLOW someone who moves very slowly and does not seem to be thinking about what they are doing, especially because they are very tired I walked around like a zombie for most of the day.2 ROMRRa dead person whose body is made to move by magic, according to some African and Caribbean religions3 (also zombie machine/computer) a computer that someone has secretly gained control of and uses to do things such as send spam (=unwanted emails sent to a large number of people)
Examples from the Corpus
zombieThe old man disappeared out the door, a zombie come and gone.One turns into a zombie in such circumstances.I got into the van and drove home like a zombie.You're like a zombie, to tell the truth.Vologsky was like a zombie, existing on the outermost fringe of sentient life.Only a zombie would risk a child's health by refusing to bend a rule.I put up the antenna the zombie watched me from behind his clutter of uncovered food.Or were they zombie bodies, specially bred and conditioned, and thus essentially unhuman?
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