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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishzonalzon‧al /ˈzəʊnl $ ˈzoʊnl/ adjective technical  AREArelating to or arranged in zones
Examples from the Corpus
zonalThey are realizing how small their world is - and that zonal actions have inter-zonal consequences.The zonal administrators would co-ordinate policies and plans, thus reducing pressure of work on ministries in Thimphu.I still believe though that he is no longer effective as a zonal defender.It can only be met if zonal governments connect through all-planetary councils.Only the first two zonal harmonics were included.the zonal limits of the treatyThey suggest that tropical forests be translated into zonal parks or exchanged for poor-world debts.The more sophisticated variants on zonal systems, which change by time consumed or distance travelled, have far greater possibilities.The north-south winds vary in direction with altitude, though the zonal winds are in the direction of rotation at all altitudes.
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